AFA Men’s Senior Softball Tournament Rules

Teams will provide balls. Nothing harder than 44/375

All bats marked “1.21 BPF” or below are allowed.

60-minute game times

Unlimited runners. Anybody on roster can run. Same runner can not run twice in same inning.

5 runs limit per inning. Teams are limited to five runs per inning, except for the final inning of the game in which each team may score an unlimited number of runs. The umpire will announce the last inning unless it is the seventh inning.

10 Homeruns allowed. After 10 each homerun is an out.

Team must be present and ready to play fifteen minutes prior to the start of game time.

Batter begins with a 1-1 ball/strike count. There will be NO “waste foul” available to a batter after there are two strikes in the count.

Pitch arc is 6-12 feet.

The pitcher must take a position with at least one foot in contact with the pitcher’s box.

No juking.

A strike zone mat will be used. Legal pitches striking any portion of the mat will be strikes.

A safety line at home will be in effect. Plays at the plate are considered a force situation. The runner will be called out if he touches or crosses over any portion of the strike mat or the batter’s box.

Commitment line will be used.

No lead off. Retouches allowed for safety if verbally requested (and acknowledged) with the umpire prior to pitch.

Major Plus teams will spot one run per inning for the first five innings. When a Major Plus team plays a 50+ team the 50+ team will have the option to take the five runs OR have an eleventh fielder.

Games ties after seven innings or time limit will continue, with the international tie breaker rule, until one team is ahead after the completion of any subsequent inning.

Home team will be decided by a coin flip before every game. Exception 1: A team giving an equalizer shall be designated as the home team. Exception 2: During the championship game, the undefeated team will automatically be home team. A coin flip will be used to determine the home team for the if game.

Flip-Flop rule will be invoked in any game when there is a 10 run differential in favor of the visiting team at the start of the “open inning.”

No time limit during championship games.

Any female player wanting to play on a men’s team must get approval from tournament director prior to tournament day. Specific guidelines must be followed.

Pitcher is pitching at own risk. Face mask is highly recommended, however not required.
AFA Senior Softball Dates

Men’s 35+ Seniors            June 17-18, 2017

Women’s (18 & over)      June 18, 2017

Men’s 40+ Seniors            July 23, 2017

Men’s 40+ Seniors            August 13, 2017

Men’s 40+ Seniors            Sept 10, 2017

Men’s 40+ Seniors            October 1, 2017

Men’s & Women’s 40+ Seniors    November 12, 2017
(Food Drive)

Men’s & Womens 40+ Seniors      December 3, 2017
(Toy Drive)

Please Contact Amery at 702-885-9320 or email
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If you need a team, we can find you one.
Just let us know your position.
**Dates are subject to change**